Get a risk-free stream of income by becoming a funded day trader.

Learn how to trade while managing risk, prove you can succeed and get a funded account up to $100k. No catch.

Learn about trading in a practical, risk-free environment.
You’ll have a clear path and rulesets to follow, and can become a funded trader once you pass the Tradeify Challenges.

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On a mission to make trading accessible to everyone.

Most retail trades fail due to the lack of education and funding, or because they are trading set guidelines. We set you up for success by providing it all!

$50k or $100k Challenges

1 step to get funded

No complicated rules

Backed by real traders

A game-changer for young entrepreneurs

Trade Futures Contracts in one place.

Start trading with guidance on the Tradeify Trader Platform.
What you’ll trade:

  • Stock Indices
  • Currencies
  • Bitcoin

An opportunity to take your future into your own hands

  • Make money from anywhere in the world
  • No limit on the amount you earn
  • Escape the 9-5
  • Start with a minimal amount of cash

Partner trading platform

We partnered with a modern, powerful and leading futures trading platform Tradovate, so you can trade securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tradeify is an evaluation prop firm that gives traders access to capital without having to come up with the full amount themselves.

No, you can progress in your own pace. As long as you are up to date with your monthly subscriptions you can continue with the challenge. The goal is to learn how to trade consistently, the challenge is there to help you grow as a trader, it may take time.

There are no limits to the number of times that you can reset your account.

Maximum number of contracts refers to the total maximum amount of contracts you may have open on your account at a time. For example, if you are only allowed 6 contracts, you may have 6 contracts of one product open, or a mix such as 3 $ES and 3 $NQ. If you have more than 6 contracts open longer than 5 seconds, you will fail the challenge. You will be notified end of day about the error if so.

The daily loss limit is the loss amount that you cannot exceed at any point during the trading day between 6:00PM EST to 4:10PM EST.

The daily loss limit is the net loss during that day i.e. for the Tradeify challenge if you lose more than $1,000 in the day you will break the rule. The net loss will include all your commissions, fees.

As the daily loss limit is net, if you are $500 in profit in the morning but have a bad spell and end the day $500 in loss, you will not break a rule. You may have lost $1000 from the peak of your day to the end of the day, your net loss for the day is still less than $1000 so you do not break a rule.

If you break this rule your Tradeify challenge or Tradeify Funded Trader accounts will immediately be stopped for trading. The rule resets each trading day.

The Trailing Maximum Drawdown is a minimum account balance that trails with your profits made in the account.

The trailing maximum drawdown is a gross loss during that day i.e. for the Tradeify challenge if you lose more than $1,000 at any point, even if you have made profit, it break the rule. The net loss will include all your commissions, fees.

The trailing drawdown is used to help traders keep their hard earned profit and prevent them from losing it right back.

Once you pass the challenge you will be guaranteed a spot as a funded trader at Tradeify. We will email you in the next 48 hours with a contract for you to sign and a payment page to pay the Funded Trader Activation Fee of $149. Once you have signed the document and paid the fee we will set you up with a rapid funded account within 7 days.

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